The Working Girl

Casual wear at the office, do or don't? 

I grew up watching my parents go to work looking very professional. As a business man, I never knew my dad to go to work in anything less than suit and tie. He didn't always wear a jacket but that's because we live in Southern California where it reaches triple digits four months of the year. And when my mom started working, she always dressed in some kind of cigarette pants or fitting dress, never too old or young for her age. With their influence, I've adopted the same thing - you look nice when you go to work. Not sloppy and definitely no blouse and jeans combo. Because of the warmer warmer, a lot of businesses adopt a dressing casual day. When our library instated "Denim Fridays," I didn't consider it. A few of my coworkers even remind me that I'm allowed to wear denim but I still continue to wear a dress and sweater. What do you think, should casual wear be present in the office? 

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