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Per usual when settling into bed, I usually start perusing the new podcasts in the iTunes store (as if I don't have enough to listen too) even though I already have more shows that I can keep up with. But this particular one, Terrible, Thanks for Asking really stuck out to me. I'm finally just now getting around to it but two episodes in I'm hooked. How many times a day are you asked: how is your day or how are you? Your automatic response is usually "fine". Most people don't really drudge on about their lives or their days unless they are wanting attention. The hook, the host miscarried her second child, lost her father and then her husband all within a few months of each other... A little on the downer side but following stories are fascinating how people deal with terrible things. 

I've been wearing Philosophy products for years and I've written about the brand countless times on the blog so I'll spare you a lengthy description on the newest perfume. But you should probably get it anyways :)

With my trip right around the corner, I've been spending a lot of time in the archives over at Messy Nessy Chic, a lovely and curated newsletter dedicated to all things French. Want stories of the past? You want vintage photos of Paris, style, food and fashion trends around France? You will love this newsletter then.

Since the release of Beauty and the Beast, I've seen the new live action film in theaters a few times and I've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop. Suffice to say, Evermore, the new single sung by the beast is so well done. I've been a fan of Josh Groban for years but I have to say, I find Dan Stevens performance  just as compelling!

My mom actually introduced me to the new newsletter Healthyish by Bon Appetit. In our initial conversation she said it was a magazine so I spent a few days trying to find out where to purchase it. And while the January issue of Bon Appetit introduces the new feature, it is only available as a newsletter on the Bon Appetit website, naturally I subscribed right away. I've been reading it on my lunch and have even incorporated a few recipes they have shared into my weekly meal prep.

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