Expanding Your Vocabulary

Summer Challenge #3: Taking the word busy out of my vocabulary! When someone asks how you are, what is your response? Usually within the first minute of the conversation, I allude to how busy I am but even if I am, I'm sick of that response. It's like an auto-pilot response to that question. Over the last month, I've really tried to slow down and enjoy my down time, and it's working! My evening and weekends feel so long because I've cut back on television, I've learned to say no to one event a week and I try to do new things, my time is so much more enjoyable. Lately, when people ask how I'm doing, I'll say "I'm good, I'm art journaling at night or going to the local Silent Book Club meeting." Those responses are usually met with a confused look but it's something new to talk about rather than wasting an hour of complaining about our busy lives and work schedules. Hows your summer challenges going so far?

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