Things I'm Into This Week

 As soon as I got back from my trip, I immediately went to my books, grabbed a journal and started jotting down how to live more like the French do. And then I stumbled across, Go French Yourself. A few things french women do that you can too - cultivate an astounding  topographical knowledge of all roof top bars in your neighborhood, compliment other women and mean it. Maintain that you are a romantic and an idealist but also realistic, modern and highly practical. 

Meet the Composer Podcast: At the library we're doing really cool things involving the local symphony and looking into streaming Lincoln Center performances directly to our library. Being the curious one, I found myself in the podcast music section for at least an hour and now I can't stop listening to Meet the Composer.

Since Maine has been on my mind for the last three weeks, I quickly reserved my favorite childhood picture books that take place in my favorite east coast state. After reading Blueberries for Sal and it's sequel, One Morning in Maine, I requested almost everything McCloksey wrote for children earlier this week. What's your favorite Robert McCloskey book?

 A few months ago a girl from high school found me on Instagram. I never really knew her (since we were a grade apart) other than through mutual friends but I'm so glad she found me because I'm on her blog as soon as she posts. She moved to Connecticut, works in fashion and owns an online shop. Basically, I want everything over at her online store.

For really excellent recipes you should subscribe to The New York Times Cooking newsletter. I look forward to reading and adding to my recipe book every Friday morning.

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