Leading Ladies

Five Things You Should Know About Stevie Nicks: 

1. Both Nicks and her beau Lindsay Buckingham attended San Jose State University, she majored in speech communication and planned to become an English teacher. However she dropped out of college the semester before graduation.

2. She opened for Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. 

2. Her addiction to animal crackers is so bad she has to tell people to hide them from her.

3. She's surprisingly a huge Twilight (you know the books by Stephanie Meyers) fan!

4. Stevie has a black-leather massage chair that she bought for a tour in 2003 that travels with her everywhere she goes.

5. Nicks appeared on American Horror Story as a witch version of her own self, so it’s still kind of hard to imagine her not practicing witchcraft.

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