Friday Morning

There's usually one day a year I love and hate the most and that is the stuffed animal sleepover story time our library throws. It's the longest work day ever because its typically a thirteen/fourteen hour work day for me. I do my regular shift and then it's story time with about a hundred people and then a night of messing up the library and screaming at technology while trying to make a short movie of everything that happened the night before and putting it on the big screen the very next morning for viewing. But then there's the part where kids can't say goodbye to their stuffed animals. They need to think about the possibility of going to sleep without their best friend, and that's really tough. It a big decision, I always say if they're not ready this year they can always come back. I reassure the kids their stuffed animals are going to make new friends and throw a party maybe on the level of Project X. Their little face lights up and they don't want their doll to miss out. They put their friend to bed and leave the library, I always tell Mom (or Dad) that's huge, it's a sign they're growing up! Last night I had a little girl, who took ten minutes to decide if she wanted to leave her tattered monkey at the library, finally she agreed and mom put Monkey to sleep."No, Mom Ellie (the monkey) is not cozy there, she wants to sleep with the giraffes not the teddy bears." There's so many cute moments that make my heart go soft and I want to shed a tear, because I remember those moments. I wish I still that belief system, where the second you turn away you you think your doll has moved. I always dread the second Wednesday every August but the next day when the kids watch all the fun the animals had, I think seriously, this is what I do for a living. I love my job!!!

How have you been this wee?! I don't know about you but this week was filled with highs and lows. Lows not so much the negative but I've been pretty busy between work and the work I have after work. This week started on a high, as usual I love hosting my chapter of the silent book club and one of our readers wrote a very nice article about the local group and the national club so make sure to check that out below. Due to the festivities of yesterday, I'm completely drained. I can't wait to get home and go right to bed!!! Have an excellent weekend and see you next week!!


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