Things I'm Into This Week

 When I came across this librarian blog, I seriously fell out of my chair from laughing so hard while on my lunch break one afternoon. Every single librarian frustration this guy writes about applies to librarian life like you can't believe. He's spoken at library conferences and I'm dying to get him to come out to sunny California. Do yourself a favor, check him out

I recently was suggested this book last week after talking about my love for Manhattan. Have you heard of Vanishing New York? "The go-to hub for those who lament New York's loss of character." "Jeremiah Moss does an excellent job of cataloging all that’s constantly being sacrificed to the god of rising rents." These are just a few of my favorite reviews of his blog. His writing features mom and pop owned businesses closing left and right and how Manhattan is becoming a city for the 1%. 

I've been following Lost in Cheeseland for a few years and luckily for me, I got my copy of Lindsay's book right before I left for Paris earlier this year. She now has a podcast all about The New Paris. If you're a Parisian lover like me, you will love this show, the book and the award winning blog. 

For anyone wanting to learn the process on how to become a writer, this is one of the best books out there. Written by Dani Shapiro, author of Hourglass and Slow Motion, this book is filled with quotes you won't want to forget and excellent pick book about books. Whether you're an aspiring author or just looking for a piece of nonfiction, I can't recommend this book enough!

Another newsletter I was just recently introduced too, is The Skimm. Have you heard of it?!  I can't go a day without reading what's going on the world either in one of the newsletters or their app. I especially love their calendar on their app. Whether its concerts, environmental town hall meetings or politics, these girls have you covered! Oh and have your heard about their book recommendations? If I ever decided to leave the library world, I'd go into Children's Book Publishing or work for the book recs department at The Skimm.

What are you into this week? What reading, watching or listening too? 

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