Weekend Wrap Up...

Have you done a technology detox lately? This past weekend my guy and I drove to his grandparents fiftieth wedding anniversary where I met tons of family members and hung out, without my phone in hand. It was a celebration of love, life and family. I was slightly nervous, I hadn't been a room with nearly seventy strangers in a long time but I was welcomed with hugs and kisses and when I finally got home last night, I realized what a beautiful and reassuring experience the whole weekend was. Our world and tv screens are so inundated with hate and violence,  that you forget there are so many good people in the world. I was surrounded by this huge multi-cultured family and there was not one moment that was not filled with love. In fact most of the family I met were some of the most compassionate and wonderful people I have ever met and it was exactly what I needed. I wasn't worried or constantly checking what was going on elsewhere, I was 100% in the moment. And even if I was nervous about meeting the boyfriend's family (and extended family) within minutes I felt apart of the family. Time away from my phone, time spent laughing and meeting new people, it was desperately needed and a practice I need to adopt more of. How do you detox? 

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