Things I'm Into This Week

A few nights ago, I finally settled in to watch the first Christmas movie of the season. And even though Netflix produced it, The Christmas Prince is basically their version of a Hallmark holiday movie. Filled with cliches and situations that would never happen in the real world, (fans of The Princess Diaries, The Prince and Me, What A Girl Wants will love this movie) I let my mind take The Christmas Prince, for what it's worth, a terrible and utterly cheesy holiday romantic comedy. 

I saw this shirt floating around the insta-feed of my bookish instagram account. And now it's mine. An excellent gift for your book hoarding friend or family member :)

I can't get enough of these tabby cat browser backgrounds

 I have been following Julie Houts for months now on Instagram, she is by far my favorite person/illustrator ever. I also bought her book recently, I was practically in tears from laughing so hard the other night reading it. I promise, she's worth following. 

And if I haven't written enough about Messy Nessy Chic, she now has short episodes of her 'Don't be a Tourist' series. There's only a few out at the moment but they are totally worth watching. Since she's known for the path not taken, there's so much to learn about Paris and France from Vanessa. 


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