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I never got into the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy mostly because I was in high school and college and I just didn't watch a ton of television then. And I only got into the reboot after a coworker was praising the show last week (and said the guys were super good looking). She told me make sure you have tissues, it will make you cry. So last week after a particularly long day, I binged the first four episodes. My coworker was right, I teared up every single episode. When I say it's one of the best shows I've watched lately it's because it's so heart warming, it pulls at your heart strings. There's an episode where Bobby Berk makes a statement along the lines of no matter the color or our sexuality we're people and we all just want to be accepted and loved. And it's true!

Despite being uncomfortable and awkward the guys have no problem opening up on screen with the men they are making over. One of my favorite parts of each episode is the cultural component. Discussing potentially awkward conversations like the current political climate, accepting homosexuality, police brutality, black lives matter, religion and homosexuality, it brings it home and starts an important conversation more people need to have. Is this show going to change the American culture, no! But it's a start. This show encompasses everything I love - home renovations, fashion, grooming tips (um, Jonathan, I would love women's hair care recommendations!!) and easy food recipes. Have you watched Queer Eye? What are you thoughts? Is there a member of the Fab 5 that's your favorite or do you love them all equally! It's hard to pick only one guy because they're all great but Jonathan's pazazz is so elating, right?! When is Season 2 set to premiere?! I need more!



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