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Rue Rodier: A guide for better (and healthier) living - follow this blog (and subscribe to the newsletter) to swoon over Marissa's street style, her gorgeous home and follow along on her travels and adventures. I found her a few years ago through Traveler and started following her on social media.   

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Podcast: Being a children's librarian, I was on board with the Kickstarter campaign to get Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls published. I own both the books and highly recommend them to every parents asking for something inspirational for their little girls. They podcast launched today and it was oh so good. 

French Girl OrganicsIf you've noticed my addiction to skin care products on my social media, it's really nothing new (especially since bath-leisure is the newest trend). Given that I have ultra dry (and somewhat problematic) skin, it's important to stay on top of my nightly skincare routine, so investing in good products is a necessity for me. I've used a few products from French Girl Organics, but I absolutely love Rose Dorée Body Oil.


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