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Friday Movies

I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen this master piece of a movie, but it's the ultimate summer flick!!! If you haven't seen this please watch it this weekend!!

Friday Mornings

How's your week been...all smiles, too long?! I can't complain too much especially with my sister sending me photos on an hourly basis of her time off before she starts her job in New York. So waking up to intimate coffee shops on the West Side to bookstores stacked from floor to ceiling and bouquets of bright flowers, I wake up in a good mood. With evenings to myself and not spent on homework, well I'm baking little treats, learning to sew, making new friends, enjoying hours of reading, sleeping better (loving the simplicity of this bedroom) and enjoying the beginning of summer. What are you up to this weekend, regardless have a good one!!!  
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this week's favorites...

Most people would never guess that my favorite color is actually blue, most of my friends just assume pink. So I'll send you on your way with a few colorful images for the weekend. Wishing you blue skies and a wonderful weekend. (12345)

Give Me A Piece of That

I first fell in love with Zachary Quinto when I went through my phase of watching and re-watching the Heroes series with friends while in college. And while he continues to amaze me in other shows like 24, American Horror Story and coming out movies Margin Call and the Star Trek series, I think he's a completely underrated actor. Oh, and he's a serious babe magnet; so go ahead and feast your eyes on this for awhile!!!

Up and Coming

Those to take the place of George, Ben, Brad and Leo are the men that follow. Now I'm not saying all these guys are the most talented upcoming actors but they certainly have the potential to be rockin our world in the future. My top three guys, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto and Ryan Gosling are beyond talented actors in my opinion. Benedict is out of this world!!! 


I've browsed through Equipment  clothing once before but the second time around I pulled several pieces into the fitting room with me and of course everything looked impeccably smooth and so chic, I wanted to take them all home with me but for now a few of these pieces have been set aside, sitting in the cart and waiting for me to press submit. Have you come across this line, what do you think?!
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Elizabeth and Prince

I first noticed the windows of this beautiful boutique about a year ago but had never gone inside, well this weekend that changed, needless to say it's my new favorite shop on El Paseo. Elegant, fresh and oh so chic barely begins to describe this little boutique nestled in between the many shops that make up this little fashion haven here in the desert. The founders Analisa and Shawn Holoubek are the queen at mixing modern pieces with a classic touch, which of course brings me back to their shop like every other day. So whenever you head to Palm Springs, make your way to Palm Desert, pop in and see for yourself how fun of a store Elizabeth and Prince is. 
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Music Station

Road trip playlists are a must for the summer and these jams are currently on repeat in my car, in my room and living room so I can dance and sing til I pass out. What are you listening too, what's your current playlist?!

The Music Lounge

As much as I love music, my man knows his stuff and he introduced me to City and Colour when we started dating and I completely fell head of over heals for Dallas Green and his music. Even though the newest album doesn't officially come out until the first week of June, most of the tracks have already leaked on the internet and let me tell you it's pretty sweet sounding. Go ahead and pre-order The Hurry and The Harm, actually just buy all his stuff if you don't already have it, I promise you won't be disappointed! 
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Weekend Wrap Up...

keeping the house cool so I can lounge around in my new favorite soft joie sweater that was 75% off. gardening basics and midi ring obsessions.  weekends start with avocado for breakfast. the world's first cactarium here in palm springs. spending friday mornings at the local desert botanical garden. The Moorten Estate since 1938 in Palm Springs. had to catch up on the latest news with Emily's  feature in the L.A. Times. very important nuptials were announced and i'll be a part of this special ceremony and I can't wait.
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Quote of the Day

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Saturday Happy

I've decided to create a new regular posting each Saturday morning, so hear me out and tell me your thoughts. Are you ready for it, I want to know what is making you happy each week; it can be something grandiose like getting a promotion at work, hearing your friend perform with her A Capella group or something as small as your bath time ritual to a new pair of shoes; the point is keeping your mindset in positive state!  I've become a disciple of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour and I'm completely obsessed! I can't tell you how much I look forward to the last ten minutes of each episode, everyone goes around the table and discuss what is making them happy that particular week. And since I love it so much I thought why not incorporate it into the blog.  So what's making me happy this week? I've recently gotten into Felicity...I know I'm about fifteen years late and I can't remember how I decided to get into the show but I did and now I can't stop wa…

Friday Movies...

When it comes to romantic comedies, nothing can touch Julia Robert and Hugh Grant's performance in Notting Hill, am I wrong?! What do you think, the greatest chick flick of all time, well I couldn't agree more!!! What are you watching this weekend?

Friday Mornings

Other than the fact that I've been trying to catch up on some serious z's after this past weekend of commencement ceremonies, packing up and cleaning apartments and dealing with Uhauls for little sisters, I'm loving the beginning of my summer. Grades are in and I couldn't be more ecstatic with how my first year in grad school has gone!! I hope you all are having an awesome week and are looking forward to a three day weekend to enjoy with your family. I plan on hitting up the local botanical garden here in Palm Springs, check out the newest bar in town and make up a few more hours in the bed and enjoy waking up with the sunrise (for whatever reason this light bedding looks so comfy and inviting to me, I've thoroughly enjoyed catching up on my sleep this past week). Have a fun filled weekend, see you all Monday! 
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this week's favorites...

Years ago when I went to an all girls camp on the east coast I got my first taste of being out on the water. There's something so calming and relaxing being out on the high seas, listening to waves crash against your boat, basking in the sun and listening to seagulls fly overhead. So obviously I'm dreaming about sunbathing, hitting the beach and windsurfing, what's on your mind as summer is approaching?
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Girl Time

The next time you and your girl-friend have the day off, jog together, go out to lunch, schedule a mani/pedi date or spend the day shopping and enjoying each other's company. I've been a busy little bee lately and I'm missing me some girl time, so grab your closest group of girls and have a day to yourselves. 
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Ten Simple Steps to Happiness

1. Go ahead and make your bed.
2. Take three minutes to pick up a room.
3. Arrange sentimental objects throughout your home.
4. Reflect on the day.
5. Make the best of of menial tasks.
6. Live each day in the moment.
7. Do one nice thing for someone else and don't expect anything in return.
8. Call someone you love everyday.
9. Spend money on cultivating memories at home.
10.  Give yourself a few moments of uninterrupted time during the day. 
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It definitely took me a little getting used to this short hair business but I gotta say I'm loving my new A-line do!! What about you, do you dig shorter locks or you a long hair gal?!
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Summer Pony Tail

Easy, simple and beachy-the perfect summer pony! Makes me miss my long and lengthy hair just a bit. 
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Please Don't Stop the Music

For most of my childhood my sister and I played the piano and on a pretty sweet piano might I add. However in twelve years of playing the piano and executing recital pieces, my junior year in high school I played a piece I had practiced a thousand times but when it came time for that particular recital, I completely butchered the song. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but I did mess up and I wasn't happy about it; in fact I was mortified and after that I didn't continue my practicing. It's been close to a year since I've touched the keys of a piano and of course I'm starting to miss an instrument that played such an important part in my life. I've recently become a huge fan of Jon McLaughlin and greatly admire Vanessa Carlton and Sara Bareilles piano skills. With a little inspiration to get back into playing let's see how well these dusty little fingers do for my first time in such a long time.
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