Leading Ladies

Five Things to know about the Levo League Girls: 

1. Upon college graduation (from Stanford) and after a few years working, Caroline Ghosn realized that women with mentors in the workforce were moving up ladder, but there wasn't enough of these encouraging leaders-which lead to the inception of the Levo League. 

2. After working for McKinsey & Company, Amanda Pouchot decided to turn her dreams into what would become the Levo League. She focused her energy on leadership development and stressed the importance of the mentor and worker relationship.

3. The Levo League was founded by these two girls to help harnesses the relationship between women in the workforce, women helping women and creating a safe environment for women to gain confidence and feel powerful in the business world. 

4. These girls believe that as Gen Y women, they have the power, strength and confidence to change the way women are viewed in the work world.

5. Looking for a job or need help, check out their site...I'm a dedicated follower of this amazing community. 

(image via levo league)

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