Saturday Happy

I was never one of those girls who hung posters like The Breakfast Club or the latest album artwork of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in my dorm room in college. Instead I was more into finding artwork and creating my own work to show case in my room. It was during college when I was inspired and motivated to create a mood board. Six years later, I've still kept up with the tradition of maintaining and constantly updating my piece of art. Instead of cutting out magazine clippings, I've resorted to images via pinterest and instead of making a mess with hundreds of pictures, I've narrowed down my imagery to the important things in life, reminding myself to stop, slow down and appreciate the small things, feeling inspired by word art and choice fashion picks. 

If you were to start your own board, what would be on yours? What do you find most important in your life or things to make you feel inspired?! I'm loving waking up to this every morning, so what's making you happy this week?!   

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