The Daily Escape

Spending those precious summers in Maine as a child were possibly the best summers of my life. I couldn't get over the natural beauty of the lakeside, the small village like towns with populations of three thousand people or less, trees for days or the white picket fences that wrapped around each house, the idea of running in fields for days and picking blueberries as a past time. There's something so beautiful, so patriotic and so Thoreau about the New England area, and if there's one place I'd love to visit that's off the beaten path of the major cities in the area it would be Washington Depot, Connecticut. Yes, this is because I was a Gilmore Girl fanatic growing up! Seeing a small historic town where it's citizens care very much about historic reenactments in town meetings, knowing close to everyone in town, enjoying each season (especially autumn), antiquing and marveling at the preserved history is enough for me to pack my bags right now! Where are you dreaming of right now?! 

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