Leaf Peeping

During third grade, friday nights were designated for slumber parties and watching Troop Beverly Hills over and over, in short I dreamed of being a girl scout. Growing up,  I wish there would have been an active troop in my hometown since I always had an interest in becoming a girl scout, the camping and hiking trips, the community service, collecting leaves and all those badges! It all seemed like such fun even though it was intellectually challenging.  When I moved in middle school, meeting new friends who were a part of troops would be working on their projects and I wanted so bad to be a part of the teamwork; the leaf collections being my favorite! So once the leaves begin to change color and dance in the wind until they hit the ground, I can't help but think of  creating a collection of my own. With the start of this year's fall series, why not start off the season with a fun little leaf project?! 

(image via inner child fun)

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