The Working Girl

Come Monday morning as soon as you set your purse down and turn on the computer you are hit with a wave of emails and projects are piling up behind you. It's barely nine a.m. and you are already stressing before the day starts. Before I let myself think about all I have going on, I slow down, take a deep breath and remind myself of these helpful tips: 

Organization is key for me, without it I cannot get my day started. Keeping my work space clean and orderly is my number one priority. If my space starts to get messy and piles are stacking up, I deal with it right away. When tasks or projects are assigned to me, I am able to focus 100% on what is in front of me instead of thinking about everything that needs to be cleaned up and put away.

This is essential to me!!! I need inspiration on a weekly basis, whether it comes from books, daily observations, magazines, pinterest, instagram, quotes, support and encouragement that comes from family and friends. Everyone needs a little motivation to have a productive day at work. Inspiration and creativity is an important part of my job, I work with kids everyday and finding the right book to spark a child's interest in reading is huge! If a kid walks into the library and tells me they hate reading, I am always able to find a little inspiration to turn those kiddos into readers.    

Take Breaks
Stepping away from the desk is one of the hardest things for me. I am always working on a project or really close to being done and will not stop until it is completed. Coworkers have to tell me to take lunch! Learning to take breaks in between projects and going outside, breathing in fresh air and changing scenery is necessary at work. Being cooped up inside and glued to a computer is not healthy! So in an effort to step away from my work space more often, I encourage you to actually leave the office when you have short breaks.

Be the Yes Girl!
Now, I'm not saying it's ok for your boss to abuse you by making you do so much at your job, but if your boss asks you to do something or to take an opportunity, do it! Anytime my boss or coworkers ask me to fill in for another coworker, take on outreach programs, or clean the fridge, I do it. I do not want the people at work to get the impression that they cannot confront me and ask me to do something for them that might be a big favor. Remember saying yes means better relationships and moving up at work. You don't want to say yes to absolutely everything, finding the balance between saying yes and no is an important part of the workday.

(image via lauren conrad)

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