Passport to Europe

When it comes to traveling, whether its a road trip or going abroad, comfort (and storage) is always key. Walking around town for hours in cute shoes with little support is always cause for argument between you and your partner. These ballet flats were designed by tennis pro Maria Sharapova and have serious comfort, so no more aching feet. When packing clothes, I always stick to basic outfits, lots of black, white and neutrals with a change of jewelry, shoes and outerwear. Traveling includes lots of reading material so a good book and magazines are perfect for those long plane rides. Being prepared with maps and booklets to help you navigate a city are crucial. I tend to look for locals or ex-pats who have written travelogues/guides on major cities. I prefer markets, museums and mom and pop restaurants/bars that locals suggest over travel agency pamphlets. What are some of your traveling essentials?


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