The Librarian Suggests

What are you reading this month? I'm reading a whole mess of things these days, everything from books and articles to focus in on my thesis for my senior portfolio and lots of poetry (which is making me really excited and anxious that grad school is wrapping up). I recently came across an adorable children's book that was illustrated by Barbara Cooney about Emily Dickinson (and the Stickman Odyssey graphic novel series, hilarious!!!) . So I've been settling in early these past few weeks to read a little of Emily Dickinson, Anne Sexton and Sylvia Path. I'm also reading The World is Round by Gertrude Stein, we just got it in the children's room at the library, so I made sure to grab it before anyone else did. Realizing it was Thursday while packing up the car this morning, I quickly tuned in for the latest episode of Serial. By the end of the episode I was screaming at the radio, I'm pretty sure the guy waiting at the light right next to me assumed I was crazy. And if you haven't seen the film, Snowpiercer, then you need to see it :) 

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