My Top Five

Without a doubt my absolute favorite podcast to follow regarding all things books, television + film and music is NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour. 

If you ask any of my family or friends, they will surely tell you that I know everything there is to know about Gilmore Girls because I've seen every episode several times. I have an annual showing every fall, so it's no surprise that Gilmore Guys is one of my latest addictions.

Have you listened to Mortified yet? Listen to Saving Katherine Hepburn and you'll get hooked. 

For games, puzzles and an hour of laughing out loud, I cannot wait for the newest episode of Ask Me Another.

And lastly, if you're a book lover like me then surely you are listening to the Book Riot podcast. Isn't it fantastic?! 
(A friend recently suggested mystery to me, have you heard of it?)

(image via emily schuman)

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