Sit and Stay Awhile

Five years ago in the midst of finals, I wrote this blog post. With the comfort of chocolate covered berries, thick socks and Bridget Jone's diary playing in the background on a very cold November evening, I decided to write a blog. I had been introduced to the academic blog-sphere through a professor but somehow found myself in places like Pinterest and Tumblr before they really took off. I started following the adventures of travel, fashion and cultural bloggers and five years later, I'm happy with the experiences the blog has brought me, the people and bloggers I've met and the few times I've written for brands.

 I've been pleasantly surprised with some bloggers and disappointed with others. It's an interesting world this place of online writing, you are constantly questioning what's real and what's fake? When the people you grow to admire turn out to be completely different in real conversation, it's hard to be apart of a world filled with liars, arrogant writers and those who are entitled. To the people who have turned their blogs into careers and brands, you are awesome! But also to all the bloggers who make nothing and write for fun or make it hobby, I salute you. With this year coming to a close, there's big opportunities in my future and they do not necessarily relate to this blog (although I am working on a few projects and changes concerning the blog) but I hope to keep up with my daily writings here. I have definitely enjoyed the second job this blog has turned into and I hope you still stop by to read my ramblings. To another year, Happy Birthday Sit and Stay Awhile!!!
(image via nicole hill)

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