End of the Year Goals

By this time of the year I'm tired, running around and trying to keep my cool in the midst of chaos. There's a lot going on between end of the year work, writing a novel length paper for school, getting ready for the holidays and preparing for lots of family coming into town, shopping for birthdays (because my entire family and our significant others b-days all fall in these last two months of the year) and trying to find more time to do more things. To keep total sanity and actually feel productive, these are a couple tips that help me chill out during these last few weeks of the year. 

Keep on exercising. As someone who swore off jogging or running for so long, I look forward to my morning walk. I'm able to relax, move to the beat of my music and prepare myself for the work day. 

Literally write out a list of everything that needs to get done that day. From work related projects to dry cleaning, your grocery list, exercising and returning those overdue books to the library. Having the list in hand helps me remember things I would have forgotten during the day and you know marking it off later that night will feel so satisfying. 

Decorate throughout the week, doing it all at once is fine. But when I'm irritated or stressed by Thursday, taking a break and putting up lights or decorating the tree is a natural mood lifter. It's relaxing and fun, you'll forget why you were mad earlier. 

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