In the New Year...

Do you keep up to date with Thought Catalog? The site is about five years old and although I don't read their articles religiously, every once in awhile I'll read something that I just love and will think about for weeks. This article is fantastic and so right on. A list of 26 things every person should do for themselves at least once a year. I don't know if I will be able to accomplish all 26 as far as my 2016 resolutions but I will try. These are five things I will definitely work on. What are five really important things you want to work on from this list

Take yourself out to dinner. Eating alone is often very calming (if you cant get past the cultural notion that should always eat with somebody, and I'm not saying you shouldn't). But eat dinner by yourself, at a restaurant, at least once. You'll see what I mean. 

Visit a new city. Even if it's small and only thirty minutes away, do what you can manage. See what hole-in-the wall bars and small town diners and quirky coffee shops exist in places you wouldn't have thought to look. 

Make a list of the things you value and then next to that, a list of ways you're going to make those things priorities more often. If you care more about your best friend's feelings than you do your temporary, petty frustration, prioritize that. If you care more about living peacefully with your roommate than fighting over another dirty dish, prioritize that. Decide what more to you, and how your going to resolve your issues in ways that don't interfere with them. The way you get over anything is simply to start caring about something else more. 

Learn to cook something new, and then make it for somebody else. (Once you've gotten it past the point of  having a questionable, 50/50-will-this-be-edible outcome.)

Rearrange your space. Even it it's just moving the TV or changing the orientation of your bed, a shift in the layout of the room you spend the most time in actually does change the way you perceive it. 

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