Note to Self

A few years ago I created a bucket list (of sorts) of items I wanted to reach each year. Some harder than others, I'm still working on older goals like the 5K, yeah - that one may not happen for a while but others like cooking more at home, hosting or participating in book clubs, podcast clubs, creating and attending meetups to meet new people, doing community oriented activities like going to fall festivals/walking for breast cancer and mastering a manageable hair-cut for an almost thirty year old. 

Whereas some of the hardest ones, I'm just now getting to this year. I helped support a Rwandan Woman attend school and over the last year she sent me letters of her family and the progress she was making. She even felt confident enough to show me her grades in school and she was the top student - you go girl. The hardest thing yet, stop being a workaholic and make the effort to see and visit with new/old friends and follow through meeting up with them. I took a few trips to visit my sister in New York, an original piece of art was made just for me by a fabulous illustrator that I'll never get rid of, I own a handful of super fancy purses, I try to invest more in quality than splurge on junk, and I'm going to Paris for two weeks in the spring with my sister and friends. Naturally, the librarian in me has already found a great French tutor and I'm stalking up on books for the best vintage shopping, restaurants, not-so-touristy things to do and how to attain the effortless chic look of Parisian style. Oh and losing weight so that I look good trying to dress the part.

Since I've been a student nearly my entire life and now that I have the freedom and time, I can't imagine going home day after day and doing the same unproductive thing (i.e. staying on your phone the entire night) over and over and over. Now you're probably thinking, this girl has an insanely Type A Personality that has to plan every second of every day and has to be doing something all the time. I can be lazy and I enjoy being lazy but our lives are too short to not do more spectacular things with our time. Learning and incorporating new habits/hobbies (whether that's coloring, puzzling or learning a language or instrument) doing adventurous things and seeing the world are just a few things on my yearly list, what's on yours?

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