An Especially Hygge December

I'm in the middle of a move right now so between packing boxes, wrapping presents, worrying about my very frail and sick family dog, running around trying to finish to-do lists and the craziness that the holiday season brings, I need some serious quiet time. An evening of no talking, my roommates chocolate covered peanut butter bars and catching up with holiday flicks on Netflix. I'm currently watching A Miracle on 34 Street (The Mara Wilson version), I'll Be Home for Christmas (who wasn't in love with JTT as a 90's Girl?) and my favorite Lovely, Actually. I'm all about the Netflix and Chill movement, so what are the staples on your night in?! For me a cozy low key night includes:

Pretty bralettes and comfy lounge wear.

An odd but favorite snack combination, popcorn with m&m's.

A glass or two (or three) of this rose.
(Seriously, it's a top five rose and it's from Trader Joe's)

My favorite Anthropologie house slippers.

This robe my mom got me that I basically live in. 

(image, also make sure to check out other great sleepwear, lounge wear and intimates at adore me.)

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