Friday Showing

What I'm Watching: One sentence, or rather a title. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - It was so many things to me that this will have to be an abridged version of how I really feel about the revival, the show in general and what this series meant to me growing up. I have to say, my sister and I intended to stay up until midnight to watch the show but she didn't exactly jump out of bed. So I turned on my tablet and watched it in darkness under the covers of my bed at my parents house. I started tearing up hearing the the voice overs from the series during the opening credits and I kind of wanted to jump up and down on my bed in the first fifteen seconds of the show. I loved every minute of it, even the musical (although they could have condensed it to a five or seven minute bit) but my feelings about Rory have certainly changed. I loved Emily and Lorelai's story and I'm glad Lorelai found the empathy she needed to mend the relationship with her mother. After watching the revival two (maybe three times), I'm not really a huge fan of Rory's story line!!! And here's why...

Now I grew up idolizing Rory Gilmore. Her knowledge on literature, pop culture and music was outstanding and I wanted to obtain that knowledge and to be apart of the gabfest podcast she and Lane should have made. And the relationship between her and her mother, although freakish I hope that I too can have that kind relationship with my daughter when and if I ever decide to have a family. I looked up to Rory but as I get older (Rory is only three years older than me), I find myself disliking her more and more. She reminds me of some of kids I went to school with. She was a stereotypical kid from a wealthy family (whether she wants to believe it or not). Financial worry was a not a thing, yet she persisted to speak out about the trust fund kids she hung out with in high school and college and I'm glad Logan puts her in her place. Chilton was completely paid for, her grandparents buy her a car and she doesn't have to worry about how to pay for college because her grandparents pay for that too. She lacks empathy and isn't really a good friend or girlfriend. The creator did a fantastic job at creating wonderful characters but Rory is more of a beautiful monster in a way. And over time, this 32 year old entitled journalist hasn't learned anything by being in the real world and the Revival nails her on it. Now it would be boring if the writer created a perfect character. It's my fault for aspiring to be like her, I realize now as a nearly thirty year old that that pedestal should have never been there in the first place.

I'm also not as upset as the rest of the world about those last four words. Do I think - what was the point of the show if Amy Sherman Palladino wanted to end it with Rory being pregnant, yes! But I also see an opportunity to open a new chapter in the relationship between Rory and Lorelai. If you remember right before those shocking last words, Lorelai is talking about doing married women things with Rory and how they need to find her a husband. Did I want Rory to take on the world - yes! But I thought the show captured the realistic nature of what journalism is like today.  So to have her writing a book (Side Nite: How selfish is she to write the book when Loreali asks her not too), keeping the Stars Hollow Gazette running and managing a child isn't so horrible an ending. Right?! That ending though, it was a cliffhanger and without giving too much away, Lauren Graham's new book Talking As Fast As I Can, made me smile ear to ear about the potential future of Gilmore Girls :)

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