New Year Intentions

Every year we make long lists of all the things we wish (and hope) to accomplish in the coming year. Some of us will actually see each goal through while most of us will typically give up in a month or even just a few weeks. I've made many resolutions over the years, I've stuck to some and gave up on others. Instead of coming up with a list a mile long, I'm focusing on one thing this year, an intention. An intention of strength - physically, mentally and spiritually. I'm not as active as I once was, I use to swim four miles every night but  then college happened. I used to be fit and healthy, that hasn't been the case so much over the last six years. So instead of focusing on the word (or idea of) exercising, I'm focusing on gaining back physical strength. 

I've never gone in full detail but this has been one of the toughest years as far as my career goes. And without turning this post in a negative one, I want to focus on gaining mental and spiritual strength. I have struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even after grad school. I have forced myself to work ten to twelve hour days and I pretty much will do anything that is asked of me (or willingly take on more responsibility and duties) just to add it to my resume. I no longer work because I love what I'm doing, I work to please others (and I don't mean the customers) and to make sure I'm providing the best service for our patrons. I grew up wanting to find something that I truly loved doing, to work just for a paycheck and hate my job that is not the philosophy I grew up on. My parents never pressured me to go into certain industries, they believed in me and I was lucky I found something I loved and was really good at. But over the last year and a half, I just feel lost, even defeated. Exhaustion has taken over, I've lost all confidence and belief in myself. I want it back! I'm not saying 2017 is going to be the year but I am hoping I can gain some of the strength I've lost over the few years. 

What are you looking forward too in the coming year? 
What is your goal or resolution you want to work on?

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