31 Day Challnege - Week 4

Five Secrets to Master a Work/Life Balance

1. On making sacrifices. As much as I wish I could do it all, I can't. In reality, it requires prioritizing what's important to you. And what's important to you is completely different than the priorities of others. Figure out the five most important things in your life and master them, don't worry what other people are doing. We all have to make sacrafices.

2. On being in the moment. This may sound redundant but if you're at work, you should be 100% at work and when you are with your friends or family you should be with them and not checking emails or social media. 

3. On being disconnected. Part of my winding down ritual during the week does include scrolling through social media. I try to spend minimal time checking but I leave the weekends for completely unplugging (that is until Sunday evening). Weekends are for reading, getting out, being active and hanging with family and friends. 

4. On hobbies. I may have talked this one into the ground but it's very important to have hobbies. Who wants to live a life just sitting on the couch. Hobbies help us destress from the work week but also helps figure out what we're good at or enjoy. 

5. The Golden Hour. You know that time of day when you're just killing it. Use that time to tackle difficult tasks or work on that big project you've been procrastinating on. 

How do you balance your work/life schedule? 

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