Everyday Arm Workouts

I'm not usually one who has a list of exercises (at five reps a move) that equate to filling an hour's worth of time. If I go to the gym, I typically hit the stair-master and cool down on the treadmill but like I've said a thousand times, give me a lap pool and I'm good. In an effort to do more strength training (since that was my intention at the beginning of the year) I recently started following Cassey over on at Blogilates. Her positive attitude and less than twenty minute videos are apart of my daily routine. I always look forward to new content and I have to say my favorite workouts are the night time stretchers and her arm workout regime that requires no equipment! Here's the workout, I roughly do four reps of each every evening. I seriously feel the burn but a week into them I feel a little bit stronger and looking forward to having toned arms. And if you want to follow her, here's the direct link to the arm workout.

The moves are:
1. Pull Backs
2. Shoulder Presses
3. Kneeling Triceps
4. Walnut Crushers
5. Prayer Pulses

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