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As I'm preparing for the summer reading program at the library, I can't help but think that June really isn't that far away. Since I've been into the scallop look for a while now, I absolutely love the scalloped bathing suits at Target. A year or two ago I find the online exclusive bathing suits through a blogger so I immediately bought the bikini, now I'm filling this one piece! Make sure to check out their online collection!

These lip plumping masks are all the rage at the moment. My mom surprised me with a few for Valentine's Day (thank you, thank you, thank you) and I'm kind of excited to see if they actually work. While I definitely want to try it out the last experience I had with a lip plumping lipstick made my lips not only swell and sting but it took a nearly three weeks for the reaction to subside. It was painful and horrific to say the least.

Growing up, I have always strayed away from oils but now I can't get enough. I rub some on my face in the evening, spray a little on my pillow to help me sleep and put a few drops in my diffuser when I'm getting ready to hit the sheets. Nuxe Oil is my absolute favorite, you can use it on hair, face and body and it smells absolutely delicious. If you want glowing healthy skin, this is seriously it! 

I cannot remember how I came across Healthnut Nutrition but I watch Nikole's channel every Wednesday when she posts. Seriously her recipes are delicious, I can't stop eating this particular recipe.

There's this quaint health food grocery mart and deli that's been in Palm Desert for years and it's one of my favorite places to shop for healthy groceries and I usually grab their hummus wrap at Luscious Lorraine's which is located inside the grocery store. If you're a health-nut then you must stop by and have lunch!

Lately, my snacks consist of pita chips, hummus and snap peas. If your catching up on your favorite show and you need something to munch on, it's a refreshing and light snack for the afternoon.

Now that I have a bath again I've been looking everywhere for bubble bath. Seriously Dr. Teals is the best!!! Before I got hooked on Dr. Teals, I was buying expensive and luxurious bath soap, which is nice but the Eucalyptus and Peppermint, Lavender and Pink Himalayan Salt Foaming Bath by this brand are so calming and relaxing! 

Last week Stila came out with metallic glitter and glow eye-shadows. They are gorgeous! I've been wearing Stila since high school and they are still one of my all time favorite brands. It seems to be such an underrated beauty company, but I continue to support and promote their products!

At our first Silent Book Club meeting, there wasn't a lot of reading. I apologize, I promise I'll shut up and read at the next meeting. But since I knew everyone and those people didn't know each other I felt like the best introduction was talking about the books everyone brought and I ended up buying some later that night. I've already started The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend and it is lovely. If you're a book lover and you love stories about bookshops and books about books, then this is for you!

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