Friday Morning...

Hey guys, how was your week? Although busy, mine felt painfully slow. For whatever reason, I've been in a very creative mood and somehow came up with (at least) ten new program ideas for the coming year. Since I didn't get to tackle them this week, I plan on writing up proposals and expanding on some of these ideas over the weekend so I can start planning and budgeting how our library can implement these new events. I'm even more psyched that my coworkers want to team up and apply some of these ideas with the older crowds. In my mind, I think we're kind of the perfect threesome. We also have a few more fun projects in the works that I can't wait to talk about. What are your plans for the weekend, whatever your plans get outside. I've been lucky that we've had perfect weather with a side of overcast and raining weekends for the last month. See you Monday :)

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