Things I'm Into This Week

A new short series that centers on five things I find each week (but I'll probably only post once a month) from around the web. From shows I've started, to things I've stumbled upon, suggestions or recommendations from friends and coworkers and why I'm loving certain celebrities each month.

As a librarian, I'm always trying to keep up to date with all the bookish things on the internet. Since I'm lacking in reading material geared towards my age, Read it Forward has become my newest source for all things reading. Whether for recommendations, their podcast or just a good read, I'm constantly refreshing their page because I cannot get enough. 

Did you know Broad City started out as a web series? Which by the way if you're not tuning into what Ilana and Abbi are doing you should. They crack me up and I reference their show constantly, to the point that I've renamed people in my phone to characters in the show. Earlier this week I came across a few other web series, The Katering Show has me in laughs the whole time. 

I've seen these vases everywhere. Well not these exactly but duplicates, let me tell the duplicates do not compare. I finally found the original source and I can't wait to get mine in this week! 

  My coworker references the podcast Spirits all the time. A combination of cocktails and Greek mythology told in drunken and hilarious way, I seriously listened to all twenty something episodes in two days. Are you into mythology, whats your favorite? Greeks, Egyptians, Norse?  

These pink velvet loafers are everything, end of story!

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