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 Mostly because of Pinterest and fashion crush Jenny Walton, I am all about the pleated skirt look. And it just so happens that H&M has a gorgeous Paris pink midi one that I spotted earlier this week. What fashion trends are you into this season?

If you didn't know or notice, I've been a bando girl for a few years now and with the sidekick finally out, it's just one more purse for me to take on my trip abroad next month. Can you tell I hate pink this month?!

Snack breaks includes these new blueberry almond bites and lunch breaks are for small family owned Chinese restaurants where they know me by name. Which kind of reminds me when I lived at Six Happiness while living in Manhattan. And for all rose drinkers, you may want this stemless glass

Only five years late but I've finally gotten around the watching the web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you're a fan of Seinfeld and pretty much nothingness, this show is for you. With episodes ranging from ten to fifteen minutes Seinfeld picks up famous comedians, old and new in a vintage ride and make conversation over a few cups of coffee.

There's a new podcast by the same people who produced The Black Tapes Podcast and Tanis, and it is awesome. I've been waiting for months for the return of my favorite shows and luckily this new podcast keeps me occupied until the release of the third season of Black Tapes. Until then, you have to listen too Rabbits, a new story about the gaming world. Get back to me when you've listened!!!

Over the last few years I've tried a couple different foundations, from Makeup Forever and Stila but I have to say my favorite is still Philosophy's Hope in a Jar. I've been wearing their products for years so reverting back to an old favorite was painless. I much prefer the light coverage to the heavy anyway. Also, this blush!!

With Beauty and the Beast coming out this weekend and being crazy excited, I couldn't help but pick this book up when I saw it at the bookstore last week.  


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