London: 3 Spots

 The first stop on the itinerary for our trip to Europe next month starts in London. My sister and I have a friend living and studying at a university in London, so we'll be staying and visiting with her for a few days and I'm determined to eat good food (my last trip abroad, I ended up losing weight mostly because I was eating at Americanized restaurants), especially loading up on pastries.  Since I mostly follow travel and traveler's instagram accounts, these are are few places on my radar. Don't worry I've provided a link to each of their pages so you can swoon over the gorgeous interiors as well. Have any other recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.

Milk: A quaint but popular brunch place, it's famous for it's minimalist but chic style. I hear the pancakes are out of this world. Hello Belham...

Sketch: So I definitely saved these restaurants on my phone mostly because of the design. This place is entirely pink with some quirky looking bathrooms. An 18th century townhouse team room which turns into a cocktail lounge in the evening, now that's my kind of place. We will definitely be stopping in Wayfair to dine at Sketch. 

Aubaine: The first time I came across this restaurant on the gram it was because of the all white interior and hanging lavender. A stylish and French restaurant, I'll definitely be picking up some fresh baked bread and pastries. 

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