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 My mom just got me this adorable Maine tee from J. Crew and I was instantly transported to my cabin in Maine via 1999/2000 when I was living there during my childhood summers. I was super lucky to have the coolest parents, they let me travel three thousand miles away just to experience summer camp. It's literally been seventeen years since I've been back but I'm hoping for an Indian Summer in my favorite state!!!

The ultimate traveler pack (and one of my favorite bag companies).

A must for long plane rides! 

Paranormal stories and true crime with a side of boxed wine and milkshakes, count me in. My coworker got me into the latest podcast, And That's Why We Drink. And now I wish I could be best friends with the hosts. 

One of my absolute favorite spots in the valley, French Corner Cafe, no doubt has the best macaroons (and other pastries). But my favorite entre is the chicken and mushroom crepes. 

I only started watching Grace and Frankie when my guy suggested we watch it after he already seen a couple episodes. Lily Tomlin is everything I hope to be when I grow up. And Jane Fonda is perfect, per usual! 

Years ago when I was page, I use to be read a page or two of the books that caught my eye while I was re-shelving and Imagined London by Anna Quindlen is one of dearest and favorites reads. For the literary traveler, this book is everything.

Have you trued Snow Fairy? Get it now, I promise you'll become an addict!

Years ago my mom got me into Siggi's yogurt, which by the way is the best yogurt in grocery stores. Given that it is Icelandic yogurt and I just picked my brother and sister in law's brains about their trip to Iceland over the Easter holiday, they highly recommended Skyr. Have you heard of it? 


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