A Little Shameless Self-Promotion

Remember when I wrote about The Silent Book Club and how I started a chapter in Palm Springs? Well, not to toot my horn but we've taken over social media and even started our own little space on the internet. That's right, another librarian and I decided, what the heck we don't already have enough on our plates let's add one more thing to our schedules. But seriously, we love our jobs as librarians and we want to share our love and expertise knowledge (we're not exactly experts but with two master degrees in library and information science) on all things bookish and well our serious addiction for keeping up with pop culture. We would love to introduce you to our newest baby, Notes From A Librarian. We've only just launched the newsletter but we're cranking away on getting more out there. And later in the year we will be going audible! So please follow us here, here and here.

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