What I'm Into This Week

While I was in France, one of the most important stops was to hit up the Laduree counter. I got macarons galore - at Versailles and at shops scattered throughout Paris. Don't ask what my favorite is because there's so many to choose from. To make matters worst, I ended up getting this book where Laduree gives up their secret recipes. Indulge your sweet tooth with these French goodies. 

I've long been a fan of Chloe shoes, they are the epitome of being classy and chic. But I could never justify spending five hundred dollars on a pair of shoes, even if they are as cute as these pink scalloped flats that have been sitting on their pretty display at Saks for the last five years. Years later, I ended up with a pair that cost less than $100, the story behind these perforated creme babies make them so much more lovable. 

As a history nerd, I came across Malcolm Gladwell's latest project, Revisionist History. Yet another podcast to add to a library of more than a hundred shows I already listen too. Essentially Gladwell goes back and reinterprets something from the past, (whether it's an event, person or idea) that was perhaps misunderstood or overlooked at the time.

While on vacation, my friend who is currently living and working in London took my sister and I out  to a comedy show on our last night in the city. Beat, tired and thinking about my suitcase that needed to be repacked, I had the greatest time. The two comedians we ended up seeing were Tom Ward and Andre Mitchell. At some point in my research on comedians, I came across Tom at least a year ago but I didn't necessarily know anything about him or his act. There's just something about British comedy and that accent that makes it so much better. I'm just happy I got most of the cultural references.  

I was introduced to The Great American Newsletter a few years ago but have recently gotten back into it. Erin Carson is just an exceptional writer and spot on in whatever she's writing about. If you have never heard of her, just start reading her as soon as you can!!! 

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