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If there was one article of clothing I was impressed by on my trip, it was the coats everyone was wearing. Since the French are impeccable when it comes to fashion, I was ecstatic when I found my very own. It wasn't necessarily camel color, it was olive green. And it certainly didn't break the bank but I was happy with my purchase. A huge thank you to my dear friend Mags for taking us to the market in Notting Hill.  Next time can you work on getting at home in Notting Hill?

If there was one stop I was over the moon about it was getting to explore Shakespeare and Co while staying in Paris. After reading the history about the bookstore, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the infamous little book nook. As soon as my books were stamped, I felt like the luckiest girl in Paris!

Almost a month ago, a friend and coworker introduced me to this podcast about a son reading his father's new work of fiction, an erotic novel. The podcast is dedicated to reading chapter with a few friends and talking about the content and what was going through his father's mind while writing this series. Apparently season two there are a few celebrities like Elijah Wood and others!!!

This pizza joint recently opened a location near my apartment. And even though it's been a staple in Palm Springs for years, I've never been. Needless to say, it will become a regular hang out spot!!! 

I have been waiting for Masters of None to return and has it! Well I've only watched a few episodes, I've been trying tackle this jet-lag but I can't seem to shake it. Once I've finally caught up, I plan on binging the show. Does anyone else love Aziz as much as I do?! 

I read The Count of Monte Cristo years ago for a high school english class and I consider it one of my favorite books of all time. When I found myself trying to decided what to buy in Shakespeare and Co, it only seemed right to get Dumas's classic and get it stamped. I'm now listening to it on audio. Have you seen the Jim Cavezal version, I love it!!! 

I didn't realize until my first shower that I forgot to bring soap with me. Luckily, in our first Air Bnb, Le Petit Marseillais was pretty much my only option. I ended up buying a few different scents in the pharmacy while we stayed in Paris. If you have dry and sensitive skin you'll love it and if you like subtle scented soap, this is a winner.

Since Madeline was another book I bought when I was searching in Shakespeare and Co, I kind of became nostalgic for my favorite brave little red head. When I got back stateside, I bought the doll to add to the collection of book characters I have at the library and found the Department 56 house for a reasonable price and got it for myself. 

And when it comes to food, I pretty much ate the same thing everywhere, some version of tomato and mozzerella with pesto.  Whether it was a sandwich or salad it was the only thing I could nibble on since I was feeling under the weather when we got there. Also, I went bananas at Laduree :)


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