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I'm reading the most exhilarating children's series with my tween book club at the moment. The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann creates a world similar to Hunger Games and Harry Potter but does a fantastic job with the detail and character development. If you're looking for a book for your middle schooler to read over the summer, this is it!!!

I grew up loving the animated movie of Anastasia and would spend my entire Easter break freshman year of college researching her family out of boredom and the school being closed. It's so funny looking back, there were clear signs that I was destined to being a librarian. So, if you're not in New York, you can listen to the Broadway recording on iTunes.

For the last month or so, I've had a serious craving for shrimp (well any fish) tacos

My coworker introduced me to a new podcast, Sword and Scale. Outside of Serial, this is one of the best out there and I'm just now coming across it despite it being out for the last four years. If you're into true crime and pyschology, I promise this one will not dissappoint. 

I can't remember how I came across The Blonde Abroad, but if you're into travel, you have to follow this girl. She talks about how to travel on a budget and why she left her career to become a travel vlogger. She's even worked with the Travel Channel! Can I just have your life please!!!

A few weeks ago, it was restaurant week here in the desert and my guy took me out for french food. With some wine, excellent food and quite the desert, I'm already planning on going back again. 

I've been using the "Yes To" brand on and off over the last couple years and now that they have masks, they are some of my favorites. Take a nice relaxing bath, listen to some music and soak in a cool calming mask and bubbles. 

Stila came out with these metallic glittery eye-shadows and they are gorgeous. Since my sister watches beauty youtubers and knows all the big time makeup artists, I never hear any of them talk about Stila products and I want to know why. I've been wearing Stila for years and it's by far one of my favorite makeup brands!

Maybe because I've been listening to You Must Remember This, a podcast that focuses on women in the entertainment industry at the turn of the 20th century, I've been checking out old films from the library on the regular. This week, I'm watching Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. 

Bando came out with these short sleeve sweatshirt tops and I love them so much. Hurry and get yours because these babies sell out fast. They're beyond comfy and obviously ridiculously cute. 

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