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I have to say I'm on a roll with my book list this year and I'm also pretty sure I will reach my end of the year goal of sixty five books. I'm more than half way through, (which I thought I'd hit in August,) so I'm way ahead of schedule which means I can sneak in a few more kids books that I've been wanting to read. I packed in another five/six books in the last five weeks and they were all excellent picks. I blew through One Day We Will All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul. Hilarious and literally on point about the life of our generation. An eloquent and fast paced book of essays, it is a must for every millennial girl. And if my one sentence review doesn't sell you, hopefully this excerpt from a piece about a fitting room disaster will, because who hasn't been there! Since I was listening to the unabridged version of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I needed a few quick reads; despite their less than two hundred page length, Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall and Y is for Yorick by Jennifer Adams were excellent choices to read in a night while getting ready to go to bed. I should say I came across both of these books because these women run the world when it comes to illustrating children's books. When I found out they dabbled in adult fiction, I couldn't pass up what they had written. I've actually owned both books for quite awhile, so it was really a no brainer when I was looking through my book shelves for small books. Missed Connections, is a wonderfully illustrated book of just that. Tales of two people locking eyes on the subway in New York and never asking each other out, peering over books at each other in the library to other beautifully written missed connections. If you're a romantic, this book is for you. And Y is for Yorick, is an illustrated Shakespearan alphabet of characters and themes of Shakespeare work. For the obsessed and not so obsessed, this pocket book (books that can easily fit in my purse) of quick facts and reference is perfect if you want to impress your English Lit friends.

I'm always excited to talk about what we're reading in the tween book club, between my own choices and what the kids want to read, it is mostly a combination of classic children's literature, series and new books. We just read The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann and I have to say, this is one book I have been looking forward to reading the most in this summer's book club. A combination of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, it is one fantastically woven tale of battles, twins with powers and the arts versus practicality. If the world Lisa McMann created was real, I would definitely want to be an Unwanted! With seven books in the series, four of my kids are already reading the third and fourth books. I finally read The Night Circus, well actually I listened to it. Surprised to hear Jim Dale as the narrator, it took a little time getting use to his voice without thinking about Harry Potter (he is famously known for narrating the Harry Potter books). A beautiful and enchanting tale of magic, circus life, a forbidden love story with twist of ghostly fun, Erin Morgenstern is incredibly detailed with her narrative and creates the most wonderful world with The Night Circus! Tell me what's on your reading list?

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