Things I'm Into This Week...

If you didn't know that I was a nerd already, I've come across this website twice in the last couple weeks because of books I've read or for researching purposes to expand the juvenile geography collection we have here at the library. Needless to say, it may or may not be a surprise that I became a member.

I've been a long time follower of  31 Bits, I love what they stand for! When I started following Dallas Shaw's career seven years ago, she was wearing earrings that I had to have and I eventually wound up on what was then just a jewelry brand. I haven't purchased anything in awhile and when I saw the latest bag collection which launched earlier this summer, I had to get myself a straw bag.

I came across Overdue, at least two years ago. I'm pretty sure I was looking for bookish podcasts but I never listened to it because my my list of shows was growing and I couldn't (and still can't) keep up with everything on my list. For whatever reason, I started listening to them a few months ago and I cannot stop. I seriously wish I were friends with these guys. Seriously the best episode is their conversation on the movie, Hook.

I started reading this book of essays at last month's Silent Book Club and I couldn't wait so I finished it later that evening. This essay is everything! A beautiful writer, a hilarious twitter feed, this girl is basically the voice of my generation. Move on over Lena Dunham, Scaachi is my girl!!! 

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