What is Self Love

I'm reading this book right now that I'm seriously having an affair with. I have always been drawn to books about self love but don't necessarily like to admit it. It's selfish and slightly frowned upon. But how can you give and share love if you have issues with yourself. This book explores identity through many ways but the overarching theme is about taking care of yourself and being happy in your own skin. It teaches and encourages the reader to understand that flaws and imperfections are apart of being human and individuality is more important than striving to be that perfect person, whatever that means. And that's something I really struggle with. So when it comes to self love and treating yourself, what does that mean to you? Does it mean, you've worked hard and deserve that fancy purse you've been eyeing for the past few years. Does it mean indulging yourself with your favorite sweets or does it mean you seriously can't wait to get home and get in the bath for twenty quiet minutes? In the last year, I've become an even more voracious reader than I have been in the last ten years and I finally went for it and subscribed to The New York Times. I get my first paper in a few days and I can't wait to fall between the couch cushions and get cozy with the arts and leisure section. 

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