The Librarian Suggests

What I'm Reading:
August was definitely my slowest reading month, I hardly spent any time at home so I didn't get much time to read and chill. Excited to get my hands on The Mist by Stephen King, I plowed through this in one sitting. It's less than 150 pages, so it's a quick one. A novella that first debuted in the 80s short story collection, Skeleton Crew has been adapted to the screen a few times. A movie back in 2007 (which is a cheesy guilty pleasure) and a television show that just wrapped up it's first season on Spike TV. I grew up watching more movies that were adapted from King's books than actually read. Since he's known for his horror and I grew up with an older brother, I wasn't allowed to read them. But I heard enough from my brother, so you can imagine the nightmares I had as a child. For the most part, I loved The Mist but with all short stories a little disappointment was met just because I wanted more - more depth, more description and of course, wanting my questions answered. What have you read by Stephen King? Are you a fan or not? We actually just reviewed this short story on our podcast over at The Librarians Suggest, so make sure to check it out!! I actually just finished a bio on Ludwig Bemelmans that was wonderful, it's part bio and full of his artwork and sketches. Of course, I indulged in spending an entire evening earlier this week reading, Mad About Madeline. Also, I'm halfway through The Vagina Monologues, and I'm loving every bit of it. What have you been reading?

What I'm Watching: 
Last weekend after I finished Stranger Things for a second time, one of the suggested shows intrigued me. Have you heard of  The Returned. It first aired on A&E in 2015, it's an adaption from the French show Les Revenants (which is currently playing on Sundance) and unfortunately it was canceled after one season which is a shame because it's one of the best shows I've watched in years. Mystery, suspense and supernatural elements - I basically threw a fit after I binged it last Saturday. So many questions unanswered.

What I'm Listening Too:
 The latest PVRIS album is out and I cannot stop listening to it. "Separate" is definitely my favorite song from the album, it also maybe my favorite song of theirs, period! Wednesday was by far the most important day of the week,  only because I've been waiting a year for this specific date. The Black Tapes Season Three finally appeared in my recent downloads.


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