Life Lately

I don't know if you've been to Target recently but there's a new clothing brand, A New Day and I love everything about it. From sweaters, flannel shirts, pleated skirts to purses, every item is worth buying. This past week, I had to get myself a few new outfits for the fall season. 

Seriously, I can't wait for this book to arrive in the mail. 

I've been wearing Egyptian Musk for the last two weeks and I stumbled across an old favorite

A newsletter, a podcast and show I cannot stop talking or thinking about. I'm thinking I need to pick up a copy of Big Little Lies (the book) from the library so I can get even more details. 

A projector for screening movies and tv shows outside on my patio. 

Even though I'm not in school, I had to get a few things for back to school shopping.
(like these colorful papermate pens, a new binder and dividers)

The perfect snack during the day!

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