Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Top Five

I typically don't like the look or the chaos of a million apps on my phone. There's no swiping through five different pages of apps, I keep them all on one page and organize them by type - so the life of a librarian. I've been recently introduced to some while others have remained favorites for awhile. What are you five favorite phone apps?

Orai: I have never felt comfortable with public speaking and then I became librarian where I coordinate with many community leaders, I speak at schools and other community functions, not the mention the five story times and other events that go on at the library. And then I started a podcast, where I feel very self conscious, but it's fun. Orai helps you improve your speech, I don't say um as much as I use too and I love it!

Trip Advisor: Not so much for going out of town but for finding things to do in my hometown. 

Goodreads: A social media outlet for readers. Create book lists of all kinds, reading challenges and share your favorites with friends. I'm constantly receiving recommendations and tuning in for a quick author chat. 

WTForecast: A hilarious approach at providing you the most up to date weather. Since I have a closeted obsession with the weather (and weather movies), I thank a family friend for introducing me to this fun app. 

Oxford English Dictionary: Because I'm a bibliophile, it helps to keep a dictionary on hand. Or you know, you're just a nerd and like the whole 'word of the day' challenge and like to impress friends with your expansive vocabulary.