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What I'm Reading: 
Sex and Rage - I still don't know how I feel after reading Sex and Rage and that was practically a month ago. Jacaranda is basically Edie Sedgwick on the west coast. She's a beach bum, part-time painter, sun-kissed and beautiful, she hangs with people who resemble Daisy and Tom Buchanan from the Great Gatsby. It's about nothing and it's all over the place, wild like the Jacaranda flower itself. We find our heroine at twenty-eight years old, she's jobless and has no sense of purpose, she's wild and free but is easily "thrown away" by her friends. She moves to New York in hope to write a book and enter a new phase in her life. Semi autobiographical of Eve Babitz's life, Sex and Rage is not really about sex or rage. Maybe you'll like it more than I did.

Help! I'm A Prisoner in the Library - A few weeks ago as I was weeding the Children's Fiction and I came across this title, it instantly intrigued me. Written in 1979 and based on a library somewhere in Indiana, this book was so much fun. Two girls who accidentally get locked in a library one evening must figure out how to get out. Told similarly to The Mixed Up Files of Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler, the two sisters explore the library and eventually meet the librarian who help them find their father. Needless to say, I will not be getting rid of this treasure of a book. 

No Matter the Wreckage - Do people even read poetry anymore? I'm all over the place from Sylvia Plath to Mary Oliver, Anne Sexton and Langsten Hughes. I've been trying to make the effort to read more modern work and when I stumbled across Sarah Kay a few years ago, I instantly fell in love. B is her most famous piece, No Matter the Wreckage is filled with wonderful poems. 

The Prince and the DressmakerKeeping his secret of wearing dresses and taking Paris by storm as Lady Crystalia, (only the hottest fashion icon in the capital of fashion), Prince Sebastian's parents are looking for a bride. Forget the women his parents are trying to set him up with, Sebastian would rather twirl in his one of a kind gowns and Frances, his dressmaker. A beautifully crafted story that acknowledges gender fluidity and explores love, this is sure to be a graphic novel you will come back to again and again. And if you enjoy this author and these illustrations as much as Jade and I do, then follow Jen Wang

Sula -  One of the best books I've read this year. Sula is a novel that traces the lives of two black women from their childhood in a small Ohio town, through their own paths of womanhood and their final confrontation and reconciliation. This book is all the feels. Make sure to pass it on to your best friend. Nel and Sula are soulmates. Nel conforms to the society she lives in while Sula is more rebellious, seeks city life and is fiercely independent. Despite being published in 1963, this book is very relevant with the discussion of female friendship today. #girlgang   

What I'm Watching: 
Two words, Queer Eye. 

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