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This morning one of the most influential designers in my life has passed and I am beyond words. One of my earliest memories of a Kate Spade accessory was this very 90s bag my mom had. It was simple but bold, it was a huge moment for my tween self because that's when I started developing my own sense of style.I like what her brand stood for - simple, bold, adventurous but modest at the same time. It was the first bag I ever owned. My brother bought me a millennial pink clutch for my high school graduation, I felt cool and sophisticated and I still have it!

At this point most of my purse collection and home decor is Kate Spade and her style is the inspiration for my home. When I started this blog eight years ago, it was originally titled The Life of a Kate Spade Addict, and as you know I've written several posts about the brand, lifestyle and woman. This is a huge loss and I will never forget the woman who helped me define my fashion sense and lifestyle.   

You will never be forgotten, you will be missed and loved greatly. I'm so sorry you were in pain but you helped me and so many other people live their best life. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. This blog is wholeheartedly dedicated to you!

Rest in Peace my dear Kate. 


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