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5 Reason to Visit Kansas City, Missouri:

1. Hands down, Kansas City has the coolest library exterior and interior in the entire country. Make sure to make that a part of your visit!

2. Barbecue can be a sensitive subject but I have to say I prefer Kansas City Barbecue. Joe's Kansas City, was voted the best southern barbecue in the country by readers of USA Today.

3. Hit up the Country Club Plaza for some shopping! It opened in 1923 and was the world's first drive in shopping center.

4. Despite Kansas City sharing two states, Kansas and Missouri have not always been on friendly terms. During the Civil War, violence erupted across Kansas between abolitionists and fighters from slave state Missouri over whether or not Kansas would allow slavery. The state during this time became known as "Bleeding Kansas."

5. Kansas City is home to roughly 200 fountains and claims that only Rome has more. Early architects of the city said they wanted to create an urban landscape with "more boulevards than Paris, more fountains than Rome." 


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