30 Days of Gratitude

Around the holidays, a feeling of anxiety tends to creep in between what little time I have to prepare for this time of year. This is my seventh round of end of the semester finals and getting ready to put my senior thesis together for my masters degree, I am already starting to feel stressed and nervous. Come December, I'm ready to get in bed, hibernate and take a break from everything. I get so wrapped up in the chaos of school and work, that I forget to slow down and be grateful for everything going on in my little life.  Being able to support myself, go to school, have a full time job and amazing coworkers, I should be telling them how much I appreciate all their hard work and our friendship. In an effort to slow down and take a few breaths before the season kicks in, I need to remind myself of all the people I have in my life and say thank you. So be grateful and do something nice for someone else :) 

1. Leave a box of candy on a coworker's desk. Remind them how awesome they are.

2. Wrap farmer market bouquet of flowers in pretty paper and drop it off at your friends house.

3. Buy coffee for the person standing behind you in line.

4. All the children's books that your kids have out grown, donate them to your local library.

5. Send a care package to a sibling or far away friend. 

(image via madewell)

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