Color More Often

I know many of the kids who come to my story times are between the ages of three to six and most of them are in preschool (keyword being preschool), it really frustrates me that whoever their preschool teachers are, are clearly not teaching their kids how to color. Whether it's the on the lap story time or the toddler story time, coloring is involved. Crayons, markers, colored pencils and painting are used every week. I know art is no longer an emphasis in school but kids really need to know how to hold whatever it is they are using. At five years old I was able to hold my crayon the proper way and color inside the lines, I'm positive my mother taught me how to color. Frustration put aside, I've been making more of an effort to teach my little kiddos how to hold crayons and color. And since I've been teaching the basic of art, I've gotten back into the habit of coloring as a way of destressing before going to sleep at night. How often are you coloring?!

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